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Benzoyl chloride


Product name:Benzoyl chloride
English nickname:Benzoyl chloride 99.5+ % for analysis; Benzoil chloride; 4-Chlorocarbonylpolystyrene; alpha-chloro-benzaldehyd; O-Chloroformylbenzene
Molecular formula:C7H5ClO
Molecular weight:140.57
CAS No.:98-88-4
Quality indicators:

Qualified product High quality Premium
99.0 99.5 99.8

Product physical and chemical properties: benzoyl chloride is colorless liquid, stimulating odour. Soluble in ether, chloroform and benzene. In water or ethanol decomposition, gradually produce benzoic acid and benzoic acid ethyl ester and hydrogen chloride. Melting point - 1 ℃, boiling point 197 ℃, dense degree of 1.22, the flash point of 72.2 ℃.
Product use: benzoyl chloride used as organic synthesis, dyes, pharmaceutical raw material, manufacturing lead agent over oxidation dibenzoyl, oxidation of benzoic acid tert butyl ester, pesticides, herbicides benzene diazoxide grass ketone intermediates. In pesticide, insecticide is induced by new intermediate isoxazole parathion. Benzoyl chloride is benzoylating and benzylating reagents important. Most benzoyl chloride used in the production of benzoyl peroxide, then to the second ketone benzene, benzene benzyl benzoate, benzyl cellulose and benzoyl amide of an important raw material for chemical industry production, also reaction of benzoic acid and benzoyl chloride can also produce benzoic acid anhydride, the main use of benzoic acid anhydride is for acylation agent, can also be used as a bleaching agent and flux of a component, but also for the preparation of benzoyl peroxide.
Package: 200L plastic barrel, net weight 250kg

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